Hi, I am Fabian Mürmann
an independent product thinker working at the intersection of building and strategy.

With 20 years of experience in building digital products, I’m helping my clients figure out which & how product-led initiatives lead to valuable outcomes.

Contact: or @fabianmu me on Twitter.

My service offerings and workshops are around (digital) products in their larger context:

Proof of Concepts Prototyping Research Planning Ideation & Concept De-Risking Gapping (legacy) systems Product & Project-Management

Work experience ...beyond digital services and websites

My approach

I see products as living things inside a larger ecosystem of its applied context. They may enable, make things easier, are stepping stones to more complex solutions, help shape the idea of what’s possible, and show where limits are.
I apply a holistic view to whatever project the customer and I work towards along these ways of working:

Contact: or @fabianmu me on Twitter.