Hi, I am Fabian Mürmann
product person, working at the intersection of product and technology.

I operate on 2 levels: The product strategy in which I am helping to figure out what to build and why.
And also on a hands-down, getting it done-mode in which I build prototypes and products.

Right now I am leading all things digital product and tech at raus.life. A hospitality, nature immersion company.


Some background

I consider products to be living things inside their larger ecosystem & context. I work on/with companies/projects where the product is a taken as one, if not the, central piece and it's been considered holistically, critically, and yet, outcome-based.

As a trained software engineer with more than 20 years of experience, I know the ins and outs of building digital products and what it takes to operate them.

Some work experience

Recently I've been leading and steering the initiatives to move away from MVP to In-House build products at raus.life to enable scaling of the Startup.
I’ve created high-level Proof of Concepts for international corporations, built the 2nd most significant site in the adidas eco-system, built custom dashboards that made millions of Recruiting Data-Points actionable but also did last-minute tracedumps to solve an issue that would have prevented a nation wide rollout of a POS.

@fabianmu on twitter