Hi, I am Fabian Mürmann
an independent product thinker working at the intersection of strategy and building.

I operate on 2 levels: The product strategy in which I am helping to figure out what to build and why.
And also on a hands-down, getting it done-mode in which I build prototypes and products.

Current availability: I have capacities for 3 days/week as of April 2022.
Do you have something in mind, small or large? and let's see if I can support you!


Some background

As a trained software engineer with 20 years of experience, I know the ins and outs of building digital products.

I consider products to be living things inside their larger ecosystem & context. And I prefer to work on projects where the client appreciates a holistic, critical, and yet, outcome-based approach on whatever we're working towards.

Some work experience

I’ve created high-level Proof of Concepts for international corporations, built the 2nd most significant site in the adidas eco-system, built custom dashboards that made millions of Recruiting Data-Points actionable but also did last-minute tracedumps to solve an issue that would have prevented a nation wide rollout of a POS.

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