Hi, I am Fabian Mürmann.
I work at the intersection of product and technology.

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My service offerings are around digital products and their context, including:

Prototyping & PoC Research Ideation & Concept De-Risking Product-Strategy Gapping (legacy) systems Product & Project-Management Implementation Impact analysis Go-live planning Software engineering Evaluation

My approach

I see products as living things inside a larger ecosystem of its applied context. They may enable, make things easier, are stepping stones to more complex solutions, help shape the idea of what’s possible, and show where limits are.
I apply a holistic view to whatever project the customer and I work towards along these ways of working:

Further work experience ...beyond websites and digital services

SAP SuccessFactors:

I have deep domain knowledge about customization and integration of SuccessFactors.

Want to say hello? or a tweet @fabianmu.