Hello, I am Fabian Mürmann.Product Consultant, Technical Project Manager & maker of prototypes.

I consult companies of all sizes

and as Technical Project Manager I

... with a goal to help everyone who's involved to deliver successful projects.

I also make prototypes, am an intermin CTO'ish person and occasionally do some software engineering.

Sounds vague? Let me put this another way:
I make products happen by helping to figure out what product, how to do it and making them.
I won't bite, promised! I'll likely ask some questions to start with.

Does not sound vague? Ace, let's team up!

Successful deliveries with the people & end in mind

My 18 years of experience taught me how to deliver successful digital projects & products based on customer needs while keeping people first and considering business objectives & goals, available as well as missing resources.

An obvious, but regardless often not respected, aspect is the prioritization & organization of those information at hand into actionable items with clear accountabilities.

Some of my work principles:

Some background:

Recently I’ve been consulting the HR-Department of the adidas, making internal products & relaunching their global career site in collaboration with Thorsten Konrad.

I am also running laserlove, the easiest online lasercutting service

In 2014 I co-founded Heyshops (not around anymore) as their CTO. An eCommerce startup that aimed to make fashion shopping more convenient in the local context of a city.

From late 2012 to 2013 I was creative technologist at Bevation an accelerator & innovation lab at Bertelsmann. My role was to evaluate potential ventures and to determine their technological requirements as well as to guide technical concepts and develop prototypes.

I had the pleasure to work for Readmill from 2011 to 2012 where I developed an application that synchronized amazon kindle highlights besides implementing many features on their web product.

Between 2005 and 2009 I co founded and ran the local social network liebt.de (not around anymore) in my Hometown - Krefeld, Germany.

From 2004 until 2013 I ran a SAAS Product to sell CDs, DVDs, Books and Merch for online retailers (with customers in NYC, Germany, Austria and Toronto) which mainly handled
Prior and in between I’ve done work various startups, made countless (some award winning) websites (most are offline by now, you know the drill...) for and with agencies and tools for small companies and individuals.

Clients, Companies & People I have worked with:

adidas , Voith, 3A Composites / Alucobond, Bertelsmann, Etsy, Nokia, DekaBank, Ullstein Buchverlage, ZEIT ONLINE, Handelsblatt, Third Wave GmbH, you & the gang, Readmill, Heyshops, DDB, Fressnapf, Mister Spex, FischerAppelt, days.am/wander, Park Slope Music, Rhinoplus, liebt.de, Thorsten Konrad, HelloMe, DesignSmash amongst others.

Some recent projects

Disclaimer: Most work I do is not public. I know... makes it hard to get it. But that's how it is.

Still here? Wow. Now you have to tell me what made you stick so long . Talk soon.
Thanks, Fabian.

Want to say hello? Drop me a line.